Slow roasted coffee

An Italian Classic!

About Caffè Mauro


Since 1949, Caffè Mauro has been a truly iconic Italian coffee brand, internationally recognised for producing high-quality espresso. Our exclusive De Luxe blend of coffee beans is specially designed for professional espresso machines.


Coffee roasting is both a science and an art. Caffè Mauro uses a slow roasting process to obtain a superior taste and aroma. Slow roasting takes up to four times longer than standard roasting. This, combined with our exclusive use of the finest quality green beans, results in a superior, full-bodied cup.

Crema, aroma & taste

Independently conducted blind tastings versus other major Italian and local roasts showed Caffè Mauro as top overall in terms of crema, aroma and taste.



Caffè Mauro South Africa supplies coffee and a variety of related products to the HORECA (hotel, restaurant, and café) industry. We also distribute to corporate and private clients.


We supply our clients, should they wish, with a full range of branded marketing material, including hopper tins, cups and glassware, aprons, shop signs & illuminated flags.


We offer 24/7 nationwide technical support for your machines and are able to offer a full range of spares as well as top quality new equipment and technical advice.


Our starting point is to ensure that your staff is fully trained and confident in using your equipment and Caffè Mauro beans. Our barista training program includes the theoretical and practical training needed to give your customers a great coffee experience.

Caffè Mauro Mobile

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The Mauro Mobile Espresso and Sandwich Bar serves slow-roasted espresso from our classic Piaggio Ape. The customised vehicle is quick and easy to set up and our travelling barista can make anything from flat whites to freezos. We also serve delicious toasted Italian flatbreads and homemade pastries.

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Get the classic Italian-style espresso experience for you and your customers. We offer technical and marketing support as well as comprehensive barista training. 

About the Company

Founded in Reggio Calabria in 1949, Caffè Mauro has grown to be one of Italy’s most renowned and iconic coffees. Every product in the Caffè Mauro range is the result of our proud tradition and an innovative spirit. We continue to invest in research and development throughout our production and supply chains, as well as consistently aim to be at the forefront of the coffee industry. We do this as a salute to our proud heritage.